Creative Visualization

After years of preparing students for Cambridge exams, we came to a conclusion that the main factor slowing down or even blocking the progress is the self-doubt many students bring in with them to the training.

In fact, what is necessary to unblock yourself is not more grammar or vocab input but the TRANSFORMATION of your beliefs. We're all fed with the idea that learning a foreign language is a big deal, while taking an exam to get the certificate confirming your level is something HUGE. Therefore, we start believing in it. As learning the language is allegedly hard, quite frequently we sabotage ourselves and our progress.

However, we have found a way to solve this problem. By teaching our students the basics of Creative Visualization and embedding this practice in our courses, we help them conquer their worst enemy - their misleading beliefs.

As Creative Visualization is based on auto-suggestion and this one works better when your mind is in a relaxed mode, that is at an alpha level of mind, we always start with a minute or two of relaxation. You may also do a box breathing exercise, that is inhale counting to 4, hold it for 4, exhale for 4 and hold it for 4. Repeat four times.

Then, with your eyes closed, imagine a huge TV screen in front of you. For about a minute visualize your current situation on the screen, trying to involve all your senses and NEGATIVE emotions accompanying the situation. Then ERASE the screen and start visualizing the outcome you would like to achieve, again involving all your senses and this time POSITIVE emotions accompanying your dreamed outcome. See two or more people who will benefit from your TRANSFORMATION, not only yourself.

For a better effect, you may finish your practice with an AFFIRMATION: Let this or something better happen. After that, you go back to your life, in case of our courses - to the next lesson, and trust in the outcome. For better effect, you should repeat the practice a few times. For even better effect, in our Video Courses and Tutored Video Courses you will have a chance to optionally repeat the practice every day before starting your daily video lesson.


Meditation & Mindfulness Practice

Nowadays more and more people take up meditation and incorporate it in their daily routine. Moreover, they frequently boast about it. You may say that it will pass, but given all the benefits from meditation and mindfulness practice, it's certain it's not just a fad.

We recognized it at LYNKO academy when we became students of Mindvalley and good things began to happen for us. It gradually occurred to us that what is missing in teaching and, therefore, learning is this deeper, spiritual level. Students, especially at schools, know what they're supposed to learn but no one ever tells them how to do it. They're overwhelmed with the amount of information to memorize, not necessarily even use, not to mention the amount of testing they go through.


Just to make it clear - no one's suggesting you should become a Tibetan monk or a hermit. Not at all. It's about trying it out for yourself, and doing it together with learning something and having a clear goal, in this case, English exam. Hence, in our courses, both Video Courses and Guided real-time Courses, you will find guided meditation practice combined with some mindfulness exercises, helping you to study with awareness of your mind and body for you to see the difference.

As you will see it and feel its beneficial effects, you might want to continue with the practice with some other intentions. Maybe you will even decide to become a student of Mindvalley and take up self-development as your new hobby as some of us at LYNKO academy has?

If you're up to the challenge, listen to these two short exercises.

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