Business English Certificates

For working professionals and adult learners who would like to certify their English skills to progress in their careers or boost their CVs, there are a few Office or Business English qualification options instead of General or Academic English certificates.

One of the options is a LanguageCert Test of English (LTE) exam, which is a multilevel exam in 3 modules - Listening&Reading, Writing and Speaking. The purpose of the exam is to certify for formal or simply informative purposes (placement test) of all four language skills.

The exam is available as an online test with a live proctor 24/7/365 with the results within 2 working days. It can also be taken as a Computer or Paper-based test in LanguageCert exam centre around the world.

If you want to prepare for a LanguageCert Test of English (LTE exam) for Listening&Reading Exam and/or Writing Exam and/or Speaking Exam, click on the images to get the access to our Preparation Video Courses.

With the courses, not only will you gain knowledge on the test, the tasks, and exam tricks, but also, together with the mind hacks we teach you, you'll make your learning process much more efficient, which will in turn TRANSFORM the way you think about learning and working.

Another good option for English for working purposes is a Linguaskill Business certificate that can be taken in local exam centres as well as in an online format at your home.

As an Authorized Linguaskill Agent LYNKO academy can provide you with the possibility to take a Linguaskill Business (or General) exams.

If you feel you could use some support in preparation for any of Linguaskill Business modules, check out our video preparation courses.

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